how come my belly button smells

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** How to Clean Your Belly Button **

Two Parts:Cleaning Your Belly Button or NavelTaking Regular Care of Your
Belly Button

The belly button can be a difficult area on your body to clean, especially
because we forget about it so often. The good news is that, aside from
taking regular baths or showers, you don't need to clean your belly button
much, especially because it contains a team of very helpful bacteria.^[1]
But if you've recently gotten a piercing in your umbilicus, or you haven't
peeked down there recently and think it could stand a good clean, this
article will guide you.



Part 1 of 2: Cleaning Your Belly Button or Navel -

1. Clean Your Belly Button Step 1.jpgClean Your Belly Button Step 1.jpg1
*Gather your supplies.* Of course, you'll need a few cotton swabs. But
other than that, there's no go-to set of ingredients that people use to
clean their belly button . Rather, they use a whole host of items.
Experiment for yourself what works best on your body. You can use:

· Water
· Baby oil
· Hydrogen peroxide
· Rubbing alcohol
· Another kind of astringent, like witch hazel

2. Clean Your Belly Button Step 4.jpgClean Your Belly Button Step 4.jpg2
*Dip one head of the


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