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Old 06-14-2013, 04:55 PM
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*Why are Jewish people so disproportionately successful*
Jewish people are overrepresented in fields as diverse as politics,
science, the wealthiest americans, art, etc. compared to their population
size. Jewish people are only 2% of Americans but they make up about 10% of
senators, about 25% of nobel prize winners and fields medal winners, 20% of
the wealthiest 400 americans, etc.

I can think of a few potential causes.

Jews have a higher IQ, around 115 on average for verbal and mathematical
IQ, but a little lower for spatial. But there is no real correlation
between IQ and wealth or life success, and the correlation between IQ and
income is pretty weak. I think there is about an extra $500-1000 in average
income per year per IQ point, but only about $50 in extra net wealth per IQ
point (since higher income people can spend themselves into debt too). So
the higher IQ could explain some of the success in fields like science, but
it doesn't explain why Jews are more successful at politics or why more
wealthy people are Jewish.

There is a culture that encourages success, that could play a role. Second
generation immigrants from all over the world are likely more successful
than the average person, they seem to

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how come jews are so successful

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