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** How to Avoid Blushing **

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Two Methods:Preventing Blushing in the MomentPreventing Blushing Long-Term

It might seem like there's no escaping that embarrassing flush of the
cheeks every time you look at your crush, hear an off-color joke, or make a
mistake. It feels like that, but that doesn't have to be the case. Some
people blush in social situations in which they feel embarrassed; others
blush for no reason at all, which in turn causes embarrassment. Some people
even have an intense fear of blushing, called erythrophobia. If you feel
like your blushing is getting in the way of normal social interactions and
you want solutions to your problem, read on for some tips on how to avoid



Method 1 of 2: Preventing Blushing in the Moment -

1. Avoid Blushing Step 1.jpg1
*Snap out of it by relaxing your body.* When you blush, you can quickly
help fade the redness by relaxing your muscles, particularly in your
shoulders and neck. Try to let go of the tension that you are suddenly
holding. Keep your posture upright and your legs balanced.

· In order to relax, try:

· Remembering to breathe in and out (deeply if you can).
· Reminding yourself that this isn't the first


how come i blush so easily

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