Brain scans find why some people 'black out' after drinking - and why

others remember it all to gloat the next morning | Daily Mail Online


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how come i blackout everytime i drink

Blackout (drug-related amnesia) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


** Blackout (drug-related amnesia) **

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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"Blacking out" redirects here. For other uses, see Blackout.

A *blackout* is a phenomenon caused by the intake of any substance or
medication in which long term memory creation is impaired, therefore
causing a complete inability to recall the past. Blackouts can be caused by
any substance, but are most frequently associated with GABAergic drugs.
Blackouts are frequently described as having effects similar to that of
anterograde amnesia, in which the subject cannot recall any events after
the event that caused amnesia. 'Blacking out' is not to be confused with
the mutually exclusive act of 'passing out', which means loss of
consciousness. Research on alcohol blackouts was begun by E. M. Jellinek in
the 1940s. Using data from a survey of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) members,
he came to believe that blackouts would be a good determinant of
alcoholism. However, there are conflicting views as to whether this is
true.^[1] The negative psychological effects of an alcohol-related blackout
are often worsened by those who suffer from anxiety disorders.^[/citation


· 1 Alcohol and long-term memory
· 2 Types of blackouts
· 3 Causes
· 4 Neurophysiological and chemical mechanisms
· 5 Other GABA[A] agonist drugs
· 6 Predisposition to blackouts
· 7 Consequences
· 8 References

*Alcohol and long-term memory[edit]*

Various studies have also given rise to proof of links between general
alcohol consumption and its effects on memory capacity.^[2] These studies
have shown in particular, how the inebriated or intoxicated individual
makes poorer associations between words and objects than does the sober
individual. Later blackout-specific studies have indicated that alcohol
specifically impairs the brain's ability to take short-term memories and
experiences and transfer


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