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** Is is true that honey never spoils? Why? **

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I've heard that "honey never spoils", but I'm incredulous. Is this true,
and if so, how? Isn't there some indicator that I should throw the honey in
my cupboard away?

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asked May 14 '12 at 18:30

I've always heard that too, but this source says to only keep it for a
year: I'm
curious to know if they're making things up or what – Yamikuronue May 14
'12 at 18:44 was linked in
this answer as stating honey has been
found over a thousand years old and still edible – Yamikuronue May 14
'12 at 18:45

This question was asked over at Skeptics, too: – Flimzy May 14 '12 at 22:12

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Honey is very stable for a number of reasons. The main ones though are the
low amount of water (most honey is under 18% water) and the high amount of
sugar (which is a preservative). Both of these things keep things like mold
and bacteria from being able to grow. Over a long period of time (and if
left unsealed) the honey could absorb moisture and then ferment (the sugar
would turn to alcohol) but if sealed then


how come honey never spoils

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