Why is Facetime Not Working When I Make Calls?


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** Why is Facetime Not Working When I Make Calls? **

By Sam Costello, About.com Guide

*Question: *Why is Facetime Not Working When I Make Calls?

The FaceTime video calling feature is one of the flashiest and most
exciting features of the iOS 4 platform. As Apple likes to demonstrate,
it’s as simple as tapping the FaceTime icon when making a call and
suddenly you’re looking at the person you’re talking to.

But what if it's not working? What are some common causes of FaceTime not

*Answer: *

There are a few reasons the FaceTime icon might not light up as active or
show up as an option when you make a call.

1. *FaceTime has to be turned on* - In order to use FaceTime it must be
enabled. Do this by tapping the *Settings* app. Scroll down to *Phone* and
tap it (in iOS 5, Facetime has its own item; tap that). Slide the FaceTime
slider to *On*.
2. *Facetime calls have to be on WiFi* – AT&T and Verizon do not
currently allow FaceTime calls over their networks (presumably because a
video call would require a lot of bandwidth and, as we know, AT&T’s got
something of a bandwidth shortage). If you’re not connected to a WiFi
network when you place the call, you won’t be able to use FaceTime.
*Summer/Fall 2012 Update: This is not true if you're running iOS 6.
Starting with iOS 6, FaceTime works on 3G/4G, too.*
3. *Calls must be between two compatible devices*

Source: ipod.about.com/od/usingios4/f/Why-Facetime-Icon-Not-Appear.htm

how come facetime never works

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