Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?


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Daily explainerBy Robert T. Gonzalez 1/11/13 11:42am 1/11/13 11:42am

** Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?Edit **

You know it when you feel it. You've just sat down at your breakfast table,
or settled in at your favorite café. You're a few sips into your brew
when, out of nowhere, the urge to download a brownload is becoming urgent.
Just a few swigs of coffee and it can feel like you like you've mainlined a
laxative — but why?

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The short, somewhat boring answer is that coffee stimulates muscle
contractions along the last couple of stops on the #2 Metro that is your
large intestine (a terminal stretch of bowel that science calls the
rectosigmoid colon). Way more interesting are the details behind the study
that helped bring this quivering canal to light, not to mention questions
that have been raised about the mechanisms linking coffee to its

For these, we turn to "Effect of coffee on distal colon function" — a
research paper with an encouragingly no-nonsense title published in the
April 1990 issue of /Gut/, a scientific journal dedicated to the digestive
system. The paper recounts the findings of a study in two parts: a

Source: io9.com/5975041/why-does-coffee-make-you-poop

how come coffee makes you poop

Coffee Makes You Poop: Who, When & Why


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** Coffee Makes You Poop **

*Who, When & Why*

By Lindsey Goodwin, About.com Guide

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Coffee makes you poop. Wait, let me modify that statement: Coffee makes
some people poop. And it encourages others to poop. And maybe not for the
reasons you might guess.

The product used to make brewed coffee is commonly referred to as "coffee
beans". So it would make sense that people would associate coffee's
digestive effects with those of beans (you know, "Beans, beans / Good for
the heart / The more you eat them / The more you fart"). However, coffee
doesn't actually come from beans. Coffee beans are really coffee fruit
seeds. So perhaps the other famed song celebrating beans' digestive effects
("Beans, beans / The magical fruit / The more you eat them / The more you
toot") is closer to the truth! But whereas beans are known for inducing
gas, coffee tends to cause people to actually poop.

So, coffee's not a bean, but it does make you poop. Ready to learn more?
Find out all about the "end result" of your daily cuppa, including who
poops when they drink coffee, how coffee makes people poop, how long it
takes for coffee to take effect, and more.

*Does Coffee Really Make You Poop?*

Coffee can create an urgent need to poop for some people. For others, it
brings on defecation in a more subtle way. It depends on

Source: coffeetea.about.com/od/Coffee-Tea-Health/a/Coffee-Makes-You-Poop.htm

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