Why does ash never age!!!


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** Why does ash never age!!! **

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*Why does ash never age!!!*

*Giratina15* Offline
New Trainer

Ok for the last 10 years ash ketchum has remained the same age, 10!! I
watching the 5th gen show when the announcer said he was a 10 year old kid,
but how is that possible when he went to 3 different regions.I would least
expect him to be at least 15 by now!!
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02-28-2011 06:10 AM Quote

*AvengingxAngel* Offline
Veteran Trainer

Because Ash is actually a vampire in disguise. XD. No, probably because if
he aged he'd be like late 20 something now, and a 30 year old guy running
around trying to catch little creatures wouldn't appeal to the targeted
audience age.
[Image: 7315482476_015652f613.jpg]
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02-28-2011 06:13 AM Quote

*Giratina15* Offline
New Trainer

Yea guess your rite,it is a kids show if that were to happen kids would
freak out. :0

02-28-2011 06:26 AM Quote

**Galdr** Offline
Commandant of

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how come ash never ages

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