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** How to Say How Are You in French **

Edited by Molly, Allie

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The standard way to ask someone “how are you?” in French is to ask,
“comment allez-vous?” There is more than one way to ask the question,
though, and more than one way to respond and return the question. Here are
some of the most helpful and commonly used.

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-Cheat Sheet-

Sample Ways to Say How Are You in French

-Method One: Asking the Question-

1. 1
*Politely ask, "Comment allez-vous*?” This is the standard phrase used to
ask someone how he or she is. It can be used in any situation, but it is
most frequently associated with formal situations, strangers, and elders.

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· The correct pronunciation of the phrase is /kom-mohn tay-lay voo./^[1]
· /Comment/ means "how."
· /Allez/ is a conjugated form of the verb "aller," meaning "to go."
· /Vous/ means "you."
· A more literal translation of this phrase would be, "How do you go?"

· 2
*Ask friends and family "Comment ça va*?" This is a less formal, more
casual way of asking someone how he or she is, so it should only be used
for people with whom you are familiar.

· This phrase is roughly pronounced, /koh-mohn sah vah./
· /Comment/ means "how."
· /Va/

Source: www.wikihow.com/Say-How-Are-You-in-French

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