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For criticism of other versions of The X Factor, see Controversy and
criticism of The X Factor.

/*The X Factor*/ in the UK has been subject to much *controversy and
criticism* since its launch. As of December 2015, there have been a total
of twelve completed series of the show broadcast on the ITV network.


· 1 Judges and presenters
· 2 Contestants
· 3 Auditions
· 4 Accusations of staging
· 5 Voting irregularities
· 6 Impact on the music industry
· 7 Product placement
· 8 Trailers
· 9 References

*Judges and presenters[edit]*

Louis Walsh was accused of helping contestants he had personal connections
with in both the first and second series.
Sharon Osbourne was accused of voting against Simon Cowell's contestants in
a pact with Walsh.

It was reported in tabloid newspapers that the show's audition process was
unfair after judge Louis Walsh was accused of cheating. Walsh was thought
to have advised Co-Ed on things such as song choices, which caused
controversy after it was revealed that Walsh had previously managed the
band after they appeared on the Irish version of /Popstars/ in 2001. Around
the same time footage of Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne coaching
contestants to argue back to the judges was being sold over the Internet to
the highest bidder.^[1]

Prior to the first live show, Cowell was accused by Osbourne of "rigging"
the show by editing footage to make his contestants more appealing to
viewers.^[2] Osbourne attracted criticism again following the final in
December 2004 when she was forced to make an apology after attracting what


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