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*Illegal immigration* is the migration of people across national borders in
a way that violates the immigration laws of the destination country. Some
countries have millions of illegal immigrants.^[1] Immigration, including
illegal immigration, is overwhelmingly upward, from a poorer to a richer
country.^[2] However, it is also noted that illegal immigrants tend not to
be the poorest within their populations.

When potential immigrants believe that the chances/benefits of successfully
migrating are greater than the risks/costs, illegal immigration becomes an
option. The benefits taken into account include not only expected
improvements in income and living conditions, but also expectations in
relation to potential future residential permits,^[3] where illegal
immigrants are given a path to naturalization or citizenship.^[4] The costs
may include restrictions on living as an illegal immigrant in the
destination country, leaving family and ways of life behind, the experience
of visible or verbal disdain by native-born residents in the host country,
and the probability of being detained and resulting sanctions.^[5]


· 1 Terminology
· 2 Economic models of illegal immigration

· 2.1 Neoclassical model

· 2.1.1 Trade liberalization
· 2.1.2 Structural demand in developed states
· 2.1.3 Poverty

· 2.2 Overpopulation
· 2.3 Family reunification
· 2.4 Wars and asylum
· 2.5 Deprivation of citizenship

· 3 Problems

· 3.1 Slavery
· 3.2 Prostitution
· 3.3 Death

· 4 Methods

· 4.1 Border crossing
· 4.2 Overstaying a visa
· 4.3 Sham marriages

· 5 Legal and political status
· 6 By country or region

· 6.1 Angola
· 6


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