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How Grapples Are Made Video

*How Is A Grāpple® Brand Apple Made?*

Grāpple® brand apples begin either as Washington Extra Fancy Gala or Fuji
Apples, depending upon the season. These "premium apples" are the ones that
take on the grape flavor best. This Patented Process is complex and the
ingredient mix primarily includes concentrated grape flavor and pure water
(USPP #7,824,723). All ingredients are USDA and FDA approved and the
process has been licensed by the Washington State Department of

There is nothing but flavor being infused into the apple. A relaxing
bathing process prepares our apples for you or your kids. The apple takes
on no additional sugars or calories. They are not genetically altered in
any way. The apple is as healthy as ever but now has the new exciting grape
flavor. The process is better explained by the Food Network's "Unwrapped"
show entitled "Grapeful". Check your local listings or click here to find
out the next time it is on in your area.

Apples are a fantastic snack. Grapes are a wonderful snack. Try a
Grāpple® brand apple today, and enjoy the best of both of them in one!

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A four pack of Grāpples on a supermarket stand in S. San Francisco,
United States.

*Grāpple* (/ˈɡreɪpəl/ /*GRAY*-pəl/)^[/citation needed/]
is the registered brand name for a commercially marketed brand of Fuji or
Gala apple that has been specially treated to make the flesh taste like a
Concord grape.

*Product Description[edit]*

A Grāpple is created by infusing^[/clarification needed/] an apple with
a concentrated solution of natural and artificial Concord grape flavor and
water. This solution does not add additional sugars or caloric content, nor
does it affect the nutritional value of a standard apple.^[1] All
ingredients are USDA and FDA approved and the process has been licensed by
the Washington State Department of Agriculture.^[2] Contrary to what the
name implies, it is an externally flavored fruit product, not a true hybrid
of two fruits.^[3]


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3. *^* Wainwright, Martin (2004-12-24). "Apple and grape give birth to
Grapple". /The Guardian/. Retrieved 2007-05-29. 

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