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** Gametes **

By Regina Bailey, Guide

"Egg and Sperm"

Sperm and Ovum(egg)
*Definition: *Gametes are reproductive cells that unite during sexual
reproduction to form a new cell called a zygote. In humans, male gametes
are sperm and female gametes are ova (eggs). Sperm are motile and have a
long, tail-like projection called a flagellum. Ova however, are non-motile
and relatively large in comparison to the male gamete.

Gametes are produced by a type of cell division called meiosis. They are
haploid, meaning that they contain only one set of chromosomes. When the
haploid male and female gametes unite in a process called fertilization,
they form what is called a zygote. The zygote is diploid and contains two
sets of chromosomes.

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how are gametes formed

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