Fossils are made when a living thing dies and is buried by mud,
silt, volcanic ash, or sand.  Fossils could also be frozen in ice,
mummified in hot or cold deserts, or preserved in tar.  Usually, all of a
living thing's soft parts decay, leaving only the hard parts to be buried,
except when a living thing is frozen or mummified. The mud, silt, and sand
are called sediments.
    The sediments have water with minerals in it.  The minerals in the
water soak into the hard parts, changing them into a rock like material and
preserving the hard parts as fossils.
    One kind of fossilization is called replacement, where the minerals
have replaced, molecule by molecule, the hard parts of the remains.
   Permineralization is another kind of fossilization. Permineralization
happens when  the minerals have only filled in the spaces of the hard
parts of the remains.
    Living things which die in or near oceans, lakes, or rivers have a
better chance of fossilization than those which die on dry land, because
they will be quickly buried.  Over thousands and millions of years the
sediments form heavy layers which slowly turn into sedimentary rock.

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Source: imnh.isu.edu/Exhibits/Online/FossilRecord/cont2temp.html

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Fossil, Inc.
Company logo
Type Public
Traded as NASDAQ: FOSL
S&P 500 Component
Industry Recreational Goods
Founded 1984
Founder(s) Tom Kartsotis^[1]
Headquarters Richardson, Texas, United States
Number of locations 364^[2]
Key people Tom Kartsotis, Chairman
Kosta N. Kartsotis, CEO
Michael Barnes , COO
Dennis R. Secor , CFO
Products Watches, Jewelry, Clothing, Wallets,
Revenue Increase$1.0 billion USD (2005)^[3]
Employees 10,500 (2010)^[4]
Website fossil.com

*Fossil, Inc.* is an American designer and manufacturer of clothing and
accessories, primarily watches and jewelry, but also sunglasses, wallets,
handbags, belts, shoes and clothing, based in Richardson, Texas, United
States. Their brands include Fossil, Relic, Abacus, Michele Watch,
Skagen,^[5] and Zodiac Watches.

Fossil also makes watches for brands such as Adidas, Emporio Armani, Karl
Lagerfeld, Michael Kors, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Burberry, DKNY, Diesel and
Armani Exchange.

Two brothers, Tom Kartsotis and Kosta Kartsotis, own approximately 30% of
Fossil stock. The company name represents the nickname the brothers had for
their father.^[6]


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*Company history[edit]*

Fossil was founded in 1984 as Overseas Products International by Tom
Kartsotis, a former Texas A&M University student living in Dallas from a
suggestion by his older brother, Kosta Kartsotis, a merchandising executive
at Sanger Harris. Kosta told his younger brother about the potential large
profits that could be made in importing retail goods made in the Far East,
specifically in importing moderately-priced fashion watches.^[1] Their main
product was fashion watches with a retro look. In 1990, they introduced
leather goods under the Fossil brand, and the Relic line of

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fossil,_Inc.

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