Why Jef Holm & Emily Maynard Split — Interview: They Wanted ‘Different

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** Jef Holm: Emily Maynard & I Wanted ‘Different Things’ **

Tue, April 9, 2013 4:34pm EDT by * eleanorehl * 15 Comments 24,643 Article

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Why Jef Holm Emily Maynard Split
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-In a new interview, Jef reveals the real reason why things didn’t work
out for him and Emily, and how they /really/ feel about each other now.-

*Jef Holm* and his /Bachelorette/ sweetheart *Emily Maynard* broke six
months ago, and some fans still have not gotten over the loss! After months
of cryptic tweets, Jef has finally revealed that things did not work out
between them because they wanted “different things,” and he reveals how
he /really/ feels about his ex.

-Why Jef Holm & Emily Maynard Broke Up-

Jef, 28, and Emily, 27, split up six months after starring on /The
Bachelorette/, and things got pretty nasty shortly after their break up.
However, Jef couldn’t have nicer things to say about Emily now!

“She’s a great girl,” Jef said to Wetpaint. “It didn’t work out
with us, but she’s a great girl.”

And why didn’t it work out?

“Ultimately, we wanted different things,” Jef revealed. “I
ultimately wish the best for her. And it’s a true

Source: hollywoodlife.com/2013/04/09/why-jef-holm-emily-maynard-split-interview/

how are emily and jef

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