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** FAQs **

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-What Are Dippin' Dots?-

Dippin' Dots are tiny beads of ice cream, yogurt, sherbet and flavored ice.
Microbiologist Curt Jones used his background in cryogenic technology to
invent Dippin' Dots in 1988. His invention is now considered the unique,
futuristic and fun way to eat ice cream!

-Are Dippin' Dots Like The Ice Cream The Astronauts Eat?-

No. Dippin' Dots ice cream is flash frozen and can still melt if not stored
at the appropriate temperature.
The foods that the astronauts eat during their space missions are
freeze-dried and in the case of ice cream, do not melt.

Dots Cup

-Why Is Dippin' Dots The Ice Cream Of The Future?-

Much like microwave ovens revolutionized the way we cook, Dippin' Dots is
revolutionizing the way

Source: www.dippindots.com/more-info/faq.html

how are dippin dots made

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** Dippin' Dots **

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Dippin' Dots, Inc.
Dots logo.png
Type Private
Industry Retail
Founded Lexington, Kentucky (1995)
Headquarters Paducah, Kentucky, U.S.
Products Ice cream
Website dippindots.com

*Dippin' Dots* is an ice cream snack, invented by Southern Illinois
University Carbondale graduate Curt Jones in 1987.^[1] The confection is
created by flash freezing ice cream mix in liquid nitrogen.^[2] The
marketing slogan is *"Ice Cream of the Future"*. The snack is made by
Dippin' Dots, Inc., headquartered in Paducah, Kentucky.^[3] In 2011 the
company reported revenues of $27.7 million, topping the previous year's
$26.7 million in revenues.^[4]


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Dippin' Dots Flavored Ice Cream

The company is headquartered in Paducah, Kentucky.^[4] Because the product
requires storage at temperatures below −40 °F (−40 Â°C), it
is not sold in grocery stores, which cannot provide such extreme cooling
requirements.^[5] Dippin' Dots are sold in individual servings at
franchised outlets, many in stadiums, arenas, shopping malls, and in
vending machines, as well as at theme parks such as Schlitterbahn, Knotts
Berry Farm, Six Flags, Cedar Fair, PARC Management, Kennywood, SeaWorld,
and Sesame Street.

In 1992, Dippin' Dots acquired a patent on its ice cream and, in 1996, sued
its main competitor, Mini Melts for infringement. In 2007, the Court ruled
against Dippin’ Dots because the process of creating the ice cream was
"obvious" rather than proprietary, and ruled the patent unenforceable
because Dippin Dots had sold the product commercially for over a year
before applying for the patent.^[6]^[7]

On December 19, 2008, the company announced that

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dippin'_Dots

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