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Life and Living

** Are cells alive? **

E.g. Blood cells

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3 Answers
Sam Sinai
Sam Sinai, Theoretical(ly) biologist
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This is similar to asking 'Can an Airplane tail fly' ?
The answer is yes and no. The tail is essential for flying but it is not
sufficient. Living is a process, and in order for the process to work, you
need all parts, blood cells, or any other specified tissue alone would be
necessary (or useful), but not sufficient by themselves to maintain the
process of life.
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Daniel Super
Daniel Super, Game Programmer
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Life and Living
Yes , individual cells are life forms and most of the ones that compose
your body are alive. By alive I mean they exhibit the commonly defined 7
characteristics of life.

1. Living things are composed of cells.
2. Living things have different levels of organization.
3. Living things use energy.
4. Living things respond to their environment.
5. Living things grow.
6. Living things reproduce


how are cells alive

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