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AP Score - What's a Good AP Score?


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** Is My AP Score Good Enough? **

By Allen Grove, Guide

"AP Textbooks"

AP Textbooks

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*Question: *Is My AP Score Good Enough?
*Answer: *AP scores are much more straight-forward than SAT scores or ACT
scores since the AP is graded on a simple 5-point scale. However, not every
college treats AP scores the same way.

Students who take the AP exam will get a score ranging from 1 to 5. The
College Board defines the numbers as follows:

· 5 - Extremely well qualified to receive college credit
· 4 - Well qualified to receive college credit
· 3 - Qualified to receive college credit
· 2 - Possibly qualified to receive college credit
· 1 - No recommendation to receive college credit

The five-point scale, probably not coincidentally, can also be thought of
in terms of letter grades:

· 5 - "A"
· 4 - "B"
· 3 - "C"
· 2 - "D"
· 1 - "F"

The average score on all AP exams is slightly below a 3 (a 2.84 in 2011).
In 2011, of the more than 3 million AP exams administered, the grades broke
down as follows:

· 5 - 14.4% of test takers
· 4 - 19.5% of test takers
· 3 - 23.6% of test takers
· 2 - 21.1% of test takers
· 1 - 21.4% of test takers

Now for the bad news: Although the College Board defines a 2 as "possibly
qualified" to receive college


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