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Zinc (element)
Chemical Reactions
Organic Chemistry

** What is the reaction between zinc and hydrochloric acid? **


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Kumaraswami Sathiavasan
Kumaraswami Sathiavasan, IAS officer(retd.) & MSc in Chemistry
Written 71w ago · Upvoted by
Hendrik Eijsberg, Ph.D in Organic Chemistry and
Arjun Narayanan, PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry from the University of
Southern California
Zinc being an active metal readily reacts with hydrochloric acid at room
temperature to form soluble zinc chloride and hydrogen.
              Zn + 2HCl = ZnCl2 + H2.
As zinc displaces hydrogen from HCl, this a displacement reaction. Hydrogen
gas is usually prepared in the laboratory by this reaction.
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Umer Khalid
Umer Khalid
Written 50w ago

· Mossy zinc (1 piece)
· 1 M Hydrochloric acid, HCl‡
· Petri dish
· Tweezers
· Flask (optional)
· Balloons (optional)

‡HCl is located in the cabinet under the hood.
*Procedure A: *
*Note: *Use the demo camera for displaying the reaction in ISB135.

1. Add a small amount of HCl

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does zn dissolve in hcl

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