Cruelty-Free Sephora Brands (2016 Update)

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Last Updated: May 30, 2016

** Cruelty-Free Sephora Brands (2016 Update) **


Contrarily to what it might seem like, there’s a wide selection of
cruelty-free makeup brands at Sephora, and some are even certified by the
Leaping Bunny.

Those that aren’t can be found on PETA, and I’ve personally verified
their animal testing policies by e-mail to make sure they don’t test on
animals at any point during production.

None of the companies below sell their products in China (where animal
testing is required by law). If a company starts selling in China, I cross
it off the list, which means it lost its cruelty-free status.

You’ll also find a handful of skincare brands, as well as some hair and
nail polish brands. The reason why this list is so short is beacuse I’m
making sure to contact every company before adding it to the list.

As for companies that* do test on animals*, the list is long: Lancome, Yves
Saint Laurent, Dior


does yves st laurent test on animals

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