VFR vs. IFR flying


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** VFR vs. IFR flying **

There are two sets of rules for flying any aircraft: VFR and IFR. VFR
stands for /Visual Flight Rules/ and IFR means /Instrument Flight Rules/.
Depending on the weather conditions a pilot may opt for one set of rules or
the other. There are a number of other factors that influence the decision
but for simplicity's sake it's the weather that make you fly VFR or IFR.

*VFR - See and avoid*

In order to fly VFR /Visual Meteorological Conditions/ (VMC) have to be
maintained. Basically it means you cannot fly through clouds and need to
keep a safe distance. In some types of airspace you also have to see the
ground. As under VFR you are responsible for seeing other aircraft and
avoid a collision there is also a minimum horizontal visibility. Depending
on the altitude you are flying in that is between 5 km and 8 km.


In some countries, including Germany, airspace G allows for a visiblity of
just 1.5 km. Plus you have to be able to see the ground. Under special
permit is also possible to apply the same minima when flying within
controlled airspace at an airport.


Many countries also allow *VFR flights at night* but some European
countries like Spain do not. In Germany VFR night is permitted.

-Some write-ups about my own VFR flights-

· 29 Mar 2014 Travel to a meeting followed by two full days of work with
no hassle
· 05

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does vfr direct mean

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** VFR **

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*VFR* may refer to:

· Visual flight rules, a set of aviation regulations
· Variable frame rate, a feature of some video container formats in which
the frame rate can change over time
· Honda VF and VFR, a series of motorcycles
· Verein für Raumschiffahrt (German: "Spaceflight Society"), an
association of amateur rocket enthusiasts active in Germany from 1927 to
· Visits to Friends and Relatives, a term used in the study of
international travel

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