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Default*VFC Internals*
Okay, I'm getting the SOCOM Gear Omega RIS 7' Daniel Defense. It supposedly
has Madbull externals, and VFC internals as it is OEM'd by VFC. Can anyone
give any information on the VFC internals, like:
- Weak points in the GB
- Strong points in the GB
- Parts i'll eventually have to replace
- Anything else that would be useful information

Also, which mid-cap magazines would fit best in the SOCOM Gear? I heard S
Arms needs tape to fit, and another one, btu I forgot. So which ones would
be best?

If anyone has experience with this gun, or the Madbull externals, or VFC
internals, can you please share with me? I'm paying $360 for it, and would
really like to know if what I'm getting is worth it, or just want to know
the ins and outs of it.
(I have done research and googled and used search bar, but it's all from
2010 mainly, and IMO is not accurate as to how VFC is now, so I didn't
consider any of my research relevant.)

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Source: www.airsoftsociety.com/forums/f6/vfc-internals-46265/

does vfc have good internals

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