Top 10 female enhancement creams: do they work?


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** Top 10 female enhancement creams: do they work? **

by The Beauty Brains on May 14, 2008

*Diane dares to ask:* /I was wondering how effective these female
enhancement creams really are. I looked at ingredients on 2 brands (Venus
Touch and Orexia) and it looks like the only thing that might cause some
sensations are the peppermint oil or menthol. What do you think?/

*Sarah Bellum says:*

I’ve never had the need for these products so I’ve never paid
much attention to them before. But, wow, once you starting looking,
they’re everywhere! Some of them look like they use a simple
“tingling” agent, like menthol, to get the job done. Others have
different “active” ingredients that they claim will take you to
“the promised land.” In either case, real test data for these
products is tough to find. So after talking it over with the other lobes of
the Beauty Brains, the Right Brain and I put together this list rating
these products according to the following criteria:

*Active ingredients:* What’s in the product that gives it a sexual

[Note: As you'll see when you read this list, many of these products are
based on L-Argenine, an amino acid that has been linked to the production
of nitric oxide, a chemical that helps promote sensation
down-you-know-where. However, these studies were done on L-Argenine in the
blood, not from a topical application like these products provide.
Therefore, we're skeptical. Other ingredients like menthol and niacin cause
a mild irritation that creates a tingling sensation.]

*Proof:* What kind of


does v cream work

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