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3 Ways to Use Siri on iPhone 5 - wikiHow



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** How to Use Siri on iPhone 5 **

Three Methods:Enable SiriUse SiriTips and TricksCommunity Q&A

Siri is an artificially intelligent personal assistant that can simplify
your life by doing many things on your iPhone or iPad by voice command. She
can schedule appointments, set up reminders, text or call people, and more
in a matter of seconds. If you want to know how to make Siri your new best
friend or assistant, just follow these steps.



Method 1
Enable Siri -

1. Image titled Use Siri on iPhone 5 Step 1Image titled Use Siri on iPhone
5 Step 11
*Go to Settings.* This is the option on your phone that looks like a series
of gray gears.
2. Image titled Use Siri on iPhone 5 Step 2Image titled Use Siri on iPhone
5 Step 22
*Select "General.*" Scroll down your settings until you find this option.
Tap on it.
3. Image titled Use Siri on iPhone 5 Step 3Image titled Use Siri on iPhone
5 Step 33
*Select Siri.*
4. Image titled Use Siri on iPhone 5 Step 4Image titled Use Siri on iPhone
5 Step 44
*Turn Siri on.* Simply slide the bar from "Off" to "On." You will then be
asked if you want to enable


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