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*Wednesday, May 30, 2012*

- Does Sensa Work? A Real Life Review -

A long time ago, back when I was regularly doing product reviews, the
lovely people at Sensa sent me a package of Sensa sprinkles for me to try.
Why did you never hear about it back then? Well, because I didn't think it
was even blogworthy. It seemed like such a lame idea that I didn't want to
waste my time writing about it, or "trying" it for more than a few days.
Since back then, I told them I would try their product and *possibly*
write a review about it, I had no pressure to actually write it. In fact, I
put reviews on the back burner completely and simply turned down everything
I was offered (except Medifast) for awhile. But the other day, I was
cleaning under my bed and found a box full of Sensa sprinkles. Ah, the
memories! So just for fun, I'd like to tell you about my experience with

Basically, Sensa is supposed to work by triggering your "Sensory Specific
Satiety" and making you feel full faster. That means Sensa is supposed to
enhance smell and flip your "I feel full" switch sooner, so theoretically
you will stop eating sooner, thus eating less and losing weight. You can
read the clinical study Sensa conducted here, which showed an average
weight loss of 30.5 pounds in 6 months.

So I got these little plastic containers of Sensa sprinkles and the


does sensa work

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