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** Is rice gluten-free? **

By Jane Anderson, Guide

Updated February 21, 2012 Health's Disease and Condition content is reviewed by the Medical
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*Question: *Is rice gluten-free?
*Answer: *

In most cases, yes: rice is gluten-free.

Plain rice — regardless of whether it's whole-grain brown rice, polished
white rice, long-grained basmati rice or even exotic black rice — is
always considered gluten-free.

So is the form of rice called /glutinous/ rice, also known as sticky rice
or sweet rice. Despite the name, it doesn't contain the form of gluten
that's dangerous to those of us with celiac disease or gluten intolerance;
the term "glutinous" simply refers to the fact that glutinous rice gets
glue-like, or sticky, when cooked.

Wild rice blends also should be safe, but always double-check — in one
restaurant, the chef warned me that the wild rice blend he used contained
barley grains.

In addition, if you're sensitive to vinegar derived from gluten grains (as
I am), you should watch out for the rice used in Japanese restaurants to
prepare sushi — it almost always contains a grain-based vinegar. I was
glutened very badly by grain vinegar used in sushi rice at a Japanese
restaurant, and now know to avoid the rice or to ask the restaurant for
plain rice instead.

Prepared rice mixes, on the other hand, often contain gluten in the
ingredients, potentially in the form of wheat (used as a thickener or in
soy sauce). Sometimes gluten also appears in


does rice have gluten

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