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Who am I when I'm not on the Pill?

*Thursday, September 17, 2009*

- Choices -

The pharmaceutical company Bayer Schering has apparently been getting
increasingly concerned about the impact of building lawsuits on sales of
Yasmin. So much so that they are seeking approval to start selling a new
brand of birth control pill called Qlaira (where do they come up with these
hippy-sounding names?).

Already circulating is a press release calling Qlaira the first 'natural'
oral contraceptive. They claim that the oestrogen component of this pill is
/bio-identical/ to the oestrogen found in women's bodies, that is it has a
similar molecular structure. The oestrogen component is called estradiol
valerate. When the body takes this in and metabolises it, separating the
estradiol from the valerate then the estradiol part will act much like the
body's oestrogen. But, really, the only truly unmanipulated, natural
oestrogen is that found /naturally/ in the body. Introducing the estradiol
valerate into a woman's body will produce the same results as any other
pill - replacing the natural hormone cycle with a pill produced cycle - and
thus all the same side effects.

The synthetic progestogen part of Qlaira is dienogest, which is entirely
man-made. Dienogest is anti-androgenic and has anti-mineralocorticoid
effects the same as the progestogen in Yasmin, and will therefore have that
negative impact discussed previously. A strange choice for Bayer Schering,
considering it is the progestogen in Yasmin, drospirenone, that is at the
centre of the lawsuits concerning women who have suffered from blood clots,
strokes and heart attacks.

The Qlaira pills are marked as to the day of the month you should take
them, with 28 in total. They range in colour

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