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** How to Shrink Polyester **

Edited by Carolyn Barratt, BR, Laura

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Polyester is a durable material that resists shrinkage. Unfortunately, when
a polyester garment is too large to fit properly, this resistant quality
will make it harder to shrink it down to size. Shrinkage can occur at very
high temperatures, though. Here's what you should do when trying to shrink
a polyester garment.

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-Method One: Using the Dryer-

1. 1
*Turn the garment inside-out*. Before washing or drying the garment, you
should turn it inside-out to prevent the colors from fading.
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· While polyester has a resistance to both fading and bleeding, this
resistance can be broken if you are using extremely high heat. Heat that is
high enough to shrink polyester is also high enough to case the color to
fade, especially if you need to repeat the procedure several times.
· Turning the garment inside-out will reduce the amount of fading that
occurs on the front of the garment. It will not make much difference to the
amount of bleeding that occurs, though, so you should perform this tactic
to the polyester separately from other clothing or only with like colors.

· 2
*Wash the garment in extremely hot water*. Set the washing machine to the
hottest water setting and the longest wash cycle. Make sure to use both a
hot wash and a hot rinse


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