Tea That Makes You Poop: Good Digestion Tea


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** Tea That Makes You Poop: Good Digestion Tea **

January 9, 2015   Digestion

*Best Teas for Digestion: *

· *Puer *
· *Oolong*

Do you have any problems in digestion or defecation? If so, insufficient
water intake can be the major reason. One way to get more water into your
body is to enjoy it with a tasty drink that also has a lot of health
benefits. Tea in fact contains tea polyphenols that not only act as an
antioxidant, but also can fight against cancer, stimulate gastrointestinal
motility and thus improve digestion and defecation.

*OolongOolong tea* is proved to be a catalytic for digestion and weight
losing. Research has found that the major ingredient of oolong
tea—tannin, is closely related to the process of fat metabolism. And
oolong tea helps to lower the cholesterol level in the blood. It is great
for eating greasy food. Please keep in mind that drinking tea that is too
strong, or drinking strong tea before meals is not good for digestion and
absorption and should be taken after meals instead in light amounts for
best results.

And it is also important to learn the right ways of making these teas. In

Source: weightlossteas.ca/digestion-tea/

does oolong tea make you poop

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