Oolong Tea for Weight Loss


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** Oolong Tea for Weight Loss **

October 10, 2015 By Admin 30 Comments

Oolong Tea for Weight Loss
Oolong tea (wu-long tea or brown tea) comes from the camellia sinensis
plant. Oolong tea is recognized as a weight loss tea that decreases body
fat and speeds up metabolism and blocks fat building enzymes. It also helps
to keep the pounds off once you lost them. Not only that, but the tea helps
to build a healthy immune system with other health benefits.

*Benefits of Oolong Tea in Losing Weight:*

Oolong tea has many benefits:

· It is full of anti-oxidants that helps to boost up your metabolism by
10% or more for up to 2 hours after drinking oolong. It also helps to
protect you from chronic diseases.
· These anti-oxidants help to burn the fat more effectively and quickly
(especially tummy and upper arm fat) that helps to lose weight and to have
healthy immune system.
· It naturally contains caffeine, which combined with the EGCGs in the tea
will work together to raise the fat oxidation.
· It helps to regulate the blood sugar levels and lowers your cravings.
· It tastes good!
· It contains polymerized polyphenols which helps to increase the
body’s energy expenditure.
· Polyphenols in the tea block the absorption of dietary fat and
cholesterol by over 50% when taken 3 times a day.
· It also helps to prevent obesity even while eating a high-fat diet. It
reduces the abdominal fat and LDL cholesterol safely without any side

*How Much Oolong Tea is Needed?*

Two cups of oolong tea every day is recommended

Source: homeremediesforlife.com/oolong-tea-weight-loss/

does oolong tea help weight loss

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