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This article is about the word and its history. For the colloquial variant,
see nigga. For other uses, see Nigger (disambiguation).
1885 illustration from Mark Twain's /Adventures of Huckleberry Finn/,
captioned "Misto Bradish's nigger"

In the English language, the word "*nigger*" is an ethnic slur, usually
directed at black people. The word originated as a neutral term referring
to people with black skin,^[1] as a variation of the Spanish and Portuguese
noun /negro/, a descendant of the Latin adjective /niger/ ("black").^[2] It
was often used disparagingly, and by the mid-twentieth century,
particularly in the United States, its usage became unambiguously
pejorative, a racist insult. Accordingly, it began to disappear from
popular culture, and its continued inclusion in classic works of literature
has sparked controversy.

In the contemporary United States and United Kingdom, using the word is
taboo, and it is often replaced with the euphemism "the N-word". The
variant "Nigga" is sometimes used among African Americans in a
non-derogatory sense.


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· 2 Usages

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· "Nigger-brown" colored furniture
· "Nigger brown" pants

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