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Chapter 4


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*/Arginine/* is an amino acid that is known as a growth hormone releaser
and a precursor of the vital substance */nitric oxide/*.   The decrease
of growth hormone in the human body with aging is a major reason why muscle
mass tends to decrease with age and body fat tends to increase with age. 
Decreases in growth hormone also are partially responsible for the slower
rate of skin growth with aging, which results in thinner and less flexible
skin.  Injections of growth hormone can help to reverse these problems. 
Even though the cost of growth hormone injections came down in price
considerably during the first 15 years since the injections became
available, the prices have gone back up in recent years, making them more
costly than any time in the past decade.  Growth hormone injections
introduce growth hormone in a manner that is very different from the way it
is produced by the pituitary gland.  Growth hormone cannot be taken
orally, because it is broken down in the digestive tract.

An alternative method of increasing one's level of growth hormone is to
take a growth hormone releaser such as arginine.  L-arginine, or
l-arginine hydrochloride, taken on an empty stomach, will cause a
significant release of growth hormone in many people


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