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We're always listening to you and looking for ways to make KFC
even better, from the way we source and prepare our
chicken to the how we reduce our impact on the environment.

So you can enjoy quality chicken without the worry.

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To us, chicken is everything. It's what
the C in our name stands for and it's
what we care about most.

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does kfc use real chicken

KFC Mutant Chickens - Urban Legends


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** The Curse of Frankenchicken **

*Rumor: KFC does not use real chicken, serves 'genetically manipulated

By David Emery, About.com Guide

"KFC Not Chicken" Via Facebook
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^/Jan. 1, 2000 (with updates)/
THE ONLINE rumor du jour, a viral text bluntly titled "Boycott KFC" (see
below), urges us to think twice before buying a meal at KFC restaurants
lest we find ourselves consuming a product shockingly different from what
we've been led to expect.

The product may /look/ like fried chicken and /taste/ like fried chicken
— and it /is/, at least, fried, thank God — but it's not really
chicken, the message asserts. It is, in fact, a "genetically manipulated
organism" so far removed from the real animal that KFC is legally forbidden
to call it chicken. And this is the reason, we are told, that Kentucky
Fried Chicken, Inc. foreshortened its brand name to the acronym "KFC."

*Executives aghast*

Executives at KFC headquarters are aghast that anyone would take this
seriously. When I asked KFC director of public affairs Michael Tierney if
there's any truth at all to the allegations, he snapped back: "Of course
not. Any thinking adult would know it's absolutely absurd."

*See also:* Man Finds 'Brain' in Box of KFC Chicken

Well, all right. But for the sake of perspective we are talking about the
Internet, where, for example, tens of thousands of credulous users besieged
Honda's corporate website a few years back demanding the free

Source: urbanlegends.about.com/od/fooddrink/a/kfc_chicken.htm

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