A 90 day review of K-Y Intense by actual women. Find out from real women if

KY Intense works and how it feels

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* *Overall Rating*
No Star No Star No Star /Half Star/ *Star*

* Ability to Orgasm
No Star No Star No Star No Star /Half Star/

* Arousal
No Star No Star No Star No Star *Star*

* Moisture
No Star No Star *Star* *Star* *Star*

* Sensation
No Star No Star No Star /Half Star/ *Star*

K-Y Intense and it's cousins didn't impress our review panel the least bit.
The most common comment was that it felt like a normal lube with a burning
sensation or like washing genitals with soap.

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* *K-Y Intense Review* *

You may experience a low in your sexual life at one point of time or the
other. And the market is flooded with numerous sexual enhancers that claim
to change your sex life. But here is one lubricant and specifically a
climax enhancer that promises to change the entire meaning of sex for the
couple. KY Intense is an arousal gel for the woman to make sex more
pleasurable and easy. Difficulty in penetration may be due to many reasons
and vaginal dryness may be the primary cause in majority of the cases. So,
with a lubricating gel like KY Intense there is no pain during the
intercourse and hence there can be more enjoyment than pain. KY Intense
brings about a surge of pleasure as well

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