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** How Can I Tell If My Garlic Has Gone Bad?
/Good Questions/ **

2010_03_01-Garlic.jpg*Q:* I've recently gotten a little braver about garlic
and now I try to use it in several dishes a week.

But after buying a netted string of five garlic cloves a couple months ago,
I'm beginning to wonder when and if garlic goes bad. What are the warning
signs that I should refresh my stash?

Sent by *KT*

*Editor:* KT, we use our garlic unless it gets brown, mushy, or rotten in
appearance or smell. Having said that, old garlic does get sharper and
spicier, and sometimes it will begin to sprout. (A green sprout will grow
out through the tips of the cloves.) This isn't a problem, though; we just
peel away the sprout and use the clove as usual. But some people find
older, sharper garlic not as pleasant.

Overall, though, the only time we would throw out garlic is if the cloves
were totally rotten, or else completely dried out.

Readers, have you ever had garlic go bad? What did it look like?

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(Image: Faith Durand)

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