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Daryl Dixon
/The Walking Dead/ character
Daryl Dixon (TV Series).jpg
First appearance "Tell It to the Frogs"
Created by Frank Darabont, Robert Kirkman
Portrayed by Norman Reedus

*Daryl Dixon* is a fictional character from the AMC television series /The
Walking Dead/, portrayed by Norman Reedus. He was featured in a Super Bowl
XLVII commercial for Time Warner Cable.

Daryl is a Southern hunter and expert tracker who constantly lives in the
shadow of his brother, Merle. Like his brother, he is initially shown as
volatile, short-tempered, and of questionable repute, but is tolerated by
the group due to his survival skills. Daryl becomes furious when Merle goes
missing due to Rick Grimes having handcuffed him to a rooftop in Atlanta ,
eventually leading Rick Grimes to start a search party for him. However,
they are unable to find Merle. It is later revealed in season 3, that Merle
and Daryl had initially intended to ransack the Atlanta group for supplies.

As the series progresses, Daryl becomes more independent and eventually
starts to bond with the group. At the end of the second season, he becomes
Rick's right-hand man as Shane becomes more and more unhinged. By season 3,
Daryl becomes one of the series main protagonists and has largely


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