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** He says/she says: Calvin Klein ck one **

Posted by Robin on 15 February 200633 Comments

Calvin Klein ck one advert

Calvin Klein released ck one in 1994. It was one of the first modern
fragrances marketed to both men and women, although as was the case with
the recent release of Jean Paul Gaultier's Gaultier2, the company pointedly
avoided the word "unisex", preferring to call it a "shared" fragrance. It
was (and still is) targeted towards consumers in the 18-24 age range, and
it was a massive success, doing $5 million in business in the first 10 days
alone (Women's Wear Daily, 10/7/1994), and continuing on to become the
world's top selling fragrance in 1995.

The ck one fragrance was created by perfumers Alberto Morillas and Harry
Fremont. The notes are bergamot, lemon, mandarin, cardamom, pineapple,
papaya, hedione, lily of the valley, green tea, oakmoss, cedar, sandalwood,
musk and amber. We'll start with Marlen's take...

He says: Admittedly, it was quite the trendsetter when it was launched, and
it no doubt still holds enormous pop appeal for the adolescent population,
but I can’t really find much to get excited about when sniffing ck
one. Light, fresh and fleeting, ck one was one of the first fragrances to
use the now over-popular green tea accord that has been copied ad nauseum.
Perhaps it is because this aroma is as familiar as the scent of say, a cup
of coffee, that my snobbish tastes

Source: www.nstperfume.com/2006/02/15/he-saysshe-says-calvin-klein-ck-one/

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