Does chocolate ever expired or go bad?

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Does chocolate ever expired or go bad?


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** Does chocolate ever expired or go bad? **

I have a box of chocolate since Valentine and I want to eat it now. It been
2 months now...Should I eat it or not?

Asked by KingOfHeart 51 months ago

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Answer from ~3critters1nheavn~
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Storing Chocolate.


One of the great advantages of Chocolate is that it keeps very well. That
combined with it's high energy content and mild stimulant effect have
caused it to be used for centuries as special rations for by trekkers,
travelers, adventurers and militaries.

The biggest problem that can arise is from the separation of the Cocoa
Butter or, in the case of the very sweet bars, the sugar, from the rest of
the mixture, causing a discoloration or 'bloom' on the surface. This is due
to the fat melting and recrystallizing because of extreme temperatures,
either warm or cold. It is not dangerous for eating, but it looks bad and
it can effect the taste.

Chocolate *can* go rancid -- as can any fat, however you should


does chocolate go bad

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