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** Add a mic to the Amazon Kindle Fire for just a few dollars **

11/27/2011 at 9:36 AM by Brad Linder


The Amazon Kindle Fire is a 7 inch tablet with a high quality display, a
speedy dual core processor, and the ability to run thousands of Google
Android apps. But one thing Amazon’s tablet /doesn’t/ have is a
built-in microphone.

You’d think that would mean you cant run sound recorders or voice
communication apps such as [DEL: Skype :DEL] on the Kindle Fire — but it
turns out there’s a solution that only costs a couple of dollars.

All you need to do is buy a headset which offers headphones /and/ a mic,
but which connects to a device using just a 3.5mm jack. This is the type of
headset that can typically be used with cellphones. You’ll need to to
make sure the headset has a 4-connector TRRS plug, and it’s possible that
not /all/ headsets will work.

But if you already have a cellphone headset you might want to try
connecting it to your Kindle Fire to see if it works. If not, the folks a
xda-developers recommend a few different options that you can pick up from
Amazon for just $3

to $5.

Since the Kindle Fire doesn’t have its own microphone, voice apps won’t
show up in the Amazon Appstore on the tablet. You’ll need to install a
third party app store such as GetJar, SlideMe, or even the Google Android
Market in order to install [DEL: Skype :DEL], Google


does a kindle fire have a microphone

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