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*Does An Eviction Notice Have To Be Notarized To Be Legal?*

Question: Judge, does my landlord have to have a permit to rent out a room
even though he is also my stepfather? Does an eviction notice have to be
notarized and what can I do if it’s not? What can I do if my landlord
won’t fix my bathroom sink or the a/c (we have no a/c at all)? Can I sue
him for anything?

The Judge’s Answer: No. A landlord (whether a relation or not) does not
need a permit to lease space. An eviction notice does not have to be
notarized just signed by the landlord or an agent of the landlord. You may
send your landlord notice to repair the premises and give him reasonable
time to repair it. If he fails to repair it, you may repair the premises
and sue him for the cost of repair or the court could reduce the amount of
your rent until the repairs are made or award you money damages.

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does a eviction notice have to be notarized

How to Serve an Eviction Notice: 13 Steps (with Pictures)



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** wikiHow to Serve an Eviction Notice **

Three Parts:Preparing to Serve the Eviction NoticeEmploying the Various
Service MethodsFollowing Up on ServiceCommunity Q&A

Landlord-tenant laws vary from state to state. But no matter where you
live, you’re going to have to serve (deliver) an eviction notice on a
tenant in order to begin formal legal proceedings with the court to have
the tenant vacate the property. Knowing which eviction notification forms
to use—and how to legally serve the tenant with them—is crucial to your
success in evicting the tenant from your property.


Part 1
Preparing to Serve the Eviction Notice -

1. Image titled Write a Grant Proposal Step 17Image titled Write a Grant
Proposal Step 171
*Determine if there are any pre-requisites.* Landlord-tenant eviction
proceedings are governed by the laws of each state, so you have to be sure
you’ve met all your state’s requirements before serving eviction

· Check with your local landlord-tenant court—either in person or
online at the court’s website—for instructions on handling an eviction,
including any notices you may have to give the tenant before serving
eviction papers.
· An example of a pre-requisite is a Notice to Cure, in New York. This
has to be served on a tenant before serving an eviction notice. It tells
the tenant what he


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