Strep Throat Symptoms: Fever, Sore Throat, Pain Swallowing, and More

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do u get a fever with strep throat

How to Tell if You Have Strep Throat (with Pictures)



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Expert Reviewed

** How to Tell if You Have Strep Throat **

Four Parts:Assessing Throat and Mouth SymptomsAssessing Other Common
SymptomsAssessing Your Recent History and Risk FactorsVisiting the
DoctorCommunity Q&A

Strep throat is a contagious bacterial infection that develops in the
throat. It is estimated that about 30 million cases are diagnosed annually.
While children and individuals with compromised immune symptoms are more
likely to get strep than healthy adults, it can strike at any age. The only
way to find out for certain that you have strep throat is to go to the
doctor and have professional medical tests done. However there are
associated symptoms you can identify even before scheduling an appointment
that may suggest that you have strep.


Part 1
Assessing Throat and Mouth Symptoms -

1. Image titled Tell if You Have Strep Throat Step 1Image titled Tell if
You Have Strep Throat Step 11
*Determine how severe your throat pain is.*^[1] Severe throat pain is
usually the first sign of strep throat. You may still have strep throat
even if you are only experiencing moderate throat pain, but a mild sore
throat that is easily remedied or soothed is not likely to be caused by

· The soreness should not be dependent on anything such as talking or


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