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do u capitalize summer

How to Capitalise Correctly (with Step-by-Step Illustrations)



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** How to Capitalise Correctly **

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One Methods:Capitalisation Cheat Sheet

Having trouble capitalising? It’s something that most of us started to
learn when we were very young, but can be devilishly hard to truly master.
Is it a Professor or a professor? Facebook or facebook?

You have probably encountered people Who Feel The Need To Capitalise Every
Word Of A Sentence Like This. That’s not quite right. Read on for a
simple guide into the ins and outs of capitalising like a pro.

/Capitalise is the British spelling, in the US it will be "capital*ize*"./



1. Capitalise Correctly Step 1.jpg1
*Capitalise the first word in a sentence.* One of the most basic rules of
grammar: no matter what type of word the first word in the sentence is, it
is usually capitalised. After you write a full stop (also known as a
/period/ in American English) at the end of one sentence, make a note in
your mind to capitalise the first word of the next.

· The first word of sentence written in brackets (also known as
/parentheses/ in American English) in the middle of another sentence does
not need to be capitalised; for example, in this sentence "also" is not
capitalised. However, a sentence written in brackets


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