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** Do People Really Change? **

Sep. 27, 2013

By Lara Parker info

I'm Lara. I'm 22 and think entirely too much then write about it. I
currently reside in Indianapolis but spend at ...

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A couple of years ago I found myself infatuated with someone. He
didn’t live close to me but I could not have cared less. Over months
of texts and emails we developed a deep connection. We had long drawn out
phone conversations about the future…the future where we always saw
ourselves together. We spent hours listening to each other’s thoughts
thinking that we were untouchable.

Then one day the calls stopped. The emails stopped. There were no texts.
All of our communication was cut off and I was left wondering why. Of
course being the person that I am, I asked why. I was never granted a
response and I eventually realized I had to move on.

I spent days after this realization staring at myself in the mirror
and hearing myself speak wondering what was wrong with me. I replayed every
single conversation we had ever had over and over again in my head trying
to pin point the exact moment that I had done something wrong.

/I never figured out what it was./

Ultimately I realized that I wasn’t to blame. I had made several
mistakes in my life and still continue to do so present day – but this
wasn’t one of them.

I will never regret putting myself out there and letting someone know


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