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** How to Stretch New Shoes **

Stretching Your ShoesPreventative Measures

Edited by Dvortygirl, Flickety, Johnny, Amazon111 and 36 others

Now you've done it! You saw that pair of shoes on Ebay you always wanted,
and before you knew what happened, you had the winning bid! Now that you
have them, you realize they're just a bit too small. If you could just
stretch them, they'd be perfect, right? You've come to the right place!
We'll show you a few ways to gently stretch your shoes, and send you out in


* Edit Steps *

EditMethod 1 of 2: Stretching Your Shoes -

1. 1
*Wear your shoes at home.* This is the easiest option: if your shoes are
not so tight as to be completely unwearable, simply put them on and wear
them around the house, until they have adjusted to your feet. This might
take a couple days, but it's so natural, it's practically organic!
2. 2
*Wear thick socks and add heat.* Put on the thickest socks you have, and
squeeze your feet into the shoes (leather only). Heat the tight area of the
shoes using a hairdryer and bend your feet back and forth as much as you
can for


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