Do Cats Fart


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** Do Cats Fart **

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Nov 21, 2009 | Tags: cat fart, cat flatulence, cat gas, do cats fart, do
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Cats are carnivores that feed on mostly high protein-rich foods. This type
of diet produces intensely stinky gas because proteins are known to contain
a large amount of sulfur which is a particularly odorous chemical.

Cats’ farts are mostly silent, but the odor is unbearable. The reason
that their farts are so rarely audible is because the amount of gas they
produce is much smaller, but dense and highly concentrated. When cats
release gas, their gastrointestinal system has low internal pressure thus
the gas comes out slowly and steadily. The muscles on their bottoms don’t
close as tightly as that of humans, so it produces less sound, but the most
interesting fact is that cats are a lot more relaxed when they fart because
passing gas is a norm to them as opposed to an embarrassing moment.

(Now you know the below cat fart video is *FAKE)*


According to a veterinarian, if cats fart audibly, it could be an indicator
of pathology.

So next time when you smell something foul, but cannot


do cats fart

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