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** How to Kill Carpenter Ants **

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Want to know how to kill carpenter ants? Here you will find basic carpenter
ant information, product recommendations and easy to follow instructions.
These ants can cause property damage to a structure. They usually invade
wet, decayed wood but they can tunnel through dry undamaged wood as well.

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*Learn about carpenter ants*.

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· Common Name: Carpenter Ants
· Scientific Name: Camponotus species
· Color: from red to black Legs: 6
· Shape: segmented; oval Size 5/8” Antennae: yes Flight: no

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*Learn where carpenter ants like to hang out*. Carpenter ants can and will
establish a nest inside and outside of any type of structure. You can
locate in some cases satellite or parent colonies outside a structure,
these will be located in tree stumps, landscape timbers, wood piles or
moist damp wood. You can locate trails in the early morning or early
evening when the carpenter ants are foraging, locate the trails back and
forth from parent colony and structure. Typically the interior locations of
the carpenter ants will be near a moisture source kitchen, or bath areas.
Look for an area that maybe gets more moisture from rain runoff then other
areas of the structure.

· Carpenter ants enter structures

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