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** Do All Men Cheat? **

-A Mistress Speaks Out-

By Natasha Burton

When it comes to men, women and monogamy there seem to be two schools of
thought. One subscribes to the notion that falling in love and being part
of an exclusive twosome is just as much a male desire as a female one. The
other claims that men and women are different: We want to find our one
dream guy, yet /he's/ continually suppressing the urge to sow those wild


How to deal with the later position is also a subject for debate: Should we
encourage men to fight their supposed urge toward infidelity, or should we
instead accommodate (and accept) their uncontrollable want for wandering?

With the incessant news of alleged male philandering (former Vice President
Al Gore being the latest at press time) often challenging our feelings that
monogamy is less of a gender issue than a case-by-case basis one, we
thought we'd get an unconventional opinion on the matter.

We talked to Holly Hill (pseudonym), an Australian writer who quit her job
as a psychoanalyst and posted an online want ad for a sugar daddy — then
chronicled her tale in the new book /Sugarbabe/. After receiving over
10,000 responses to her ad in mere days, she interviewed candidates and
selected a series of attached men who paid her for her company. Given that
many of


do all men cheat

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