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AAdvantage FAQs
---------------------1. About the AAdvantage Program-

Q:  How many AAdvantage Awards were claimed in 2012?
A:  The number of one-way awards claimed in 2012 in each AAdvantage
mileage redemption category were as follows:

AAdvantage MileSAAver^® and AAnytime^® Awards (valid on American,
American Eagle and AmericanConnection only)
Merchandise Redemption
(American Airlines Vacations, Magazines etc.)
Special Mileage Awards / Other Airline Awards / Other
*Total Redemptions - 2012*

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-2. Enroll In AAdvantage Program-

Q:  How should I enter my name on the enrollment form? Am I able to use a
A:  You should enter your name exactly as it appears on your government
issued photo ID.

Q:  What address should I enter?
A:  You may enter a home or business address. Whichever you decide to
enter will be the mailing address that American Airlines uses for all

Q:  When will I receive my AAdvantage card?
A:  Your AAdvantage card will be sent out approximately 4-6 weeks after
your first activity is posted to your account.

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-3. Managing Your AAdvantage Account-

Q:  I have questions concerning my AAdvantage account. Where do I go?
A:  Select "My Account" in the Find Flights box and log in. The

Source: www.aa.com/i18n/utility/FAQs/AAdvantage_FAQ.jsp

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