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-Barry Cooper's Blog-

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** NeverGetBusted Tip: How To Spot an Undercover Kop **

By Barry Cooper - Wednesday, July 29 2009

· Barry Cooper
· NeverGetBusted!

I worked as an undercover cop in dozens of drug stings. I bought drugs. I
sold drugs. I traded guns for drugs. I did all of this under the direction
and watchful eye of our American government. I feel bad for using my
undercover skills to cage non-violent citizens so now I use my undercover
skills to bust krooked kops.

I have been criticized by some police officers for revealing how to spot
undercovers in my second film, NeverGetRaided. I dedicated an entire
chapter to this subject where I explain undercover police are causing more
harm to citizens then the drugs themselves. (Our drug laws are causing the
violence, not the drugs.)

Police and the media make it sound as if officers are losing their lives
every day in the War On Drugs. According to the FBI’s Uniformed Crime
Reports, between the years 1996 and 2006, only 28 officers lost their lives
during drug operations. This means that only 2.8 cops died compared to the
millions of citizens who lost their lives or their


can undercover cops use drugs

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