Do you think one person can change the world? Can it be you? | A

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apeksha ha

· apeksha ha

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*Do you think one person can change the world? Can it be you?*

Uptil now i didn't believe in it until i found out that one of my
instructor didn't wash his hands till two days after he shook hands with
Nelson Mandela. That's the power of one idividual and impact it can have on
the minds of people.

I think there is a part of Nelson Mandela in us which we chose to ignore.
What if everyone decides that they have to stick to their passion and
change the world!

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· thumbpemci zamyou

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Aug 18 2012: Dear Apeksha Ha!!!

A spark can burn the forest. therefore a person can change the world, we
human have very unimaginable intelligence. It can make world beautiful if
we use in positive, if this use in negative way then it can change the
world as hell.

The human's intelligence is like


can one person change the world

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